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B-day Cards

Posted on June 19 2013

A personalized birthday greetings card is just about the best homemade gifts anyone could present. Cards for those occasions are crammed up in food markets, but homemade will almost always be special. In developing a birthday card for flower lovers, are mainly three supreme suggestions.

1. Dried Flowers

Pressed flowers can be bought at the craft store, however , you could as well utilize the flowers and instead gives off you gathered and pressed yourself. To create out the more personalized feel, use what you have collected and pressed to make the card exceptionally special.

Again, you'll need cardstock just for this, and the following: petals, dried flowers or leaves, designer/specialty paper, and glue.

Choose your desired card stock and cut the designer/specialty paper that may leave approximately 1 inch to fit inside, after which glue it. If completely dried, fold your card into a size you prefer, after which put in writing your opinions. Inside your birthday greetings card, you possibly can write a poem for the greeting, since this is a fantastic way of sending one for an individual special.

Next, gather am art piece or just about any bouquet design that you'd like with all the leaves and flowers. Dried stems, leaves and petals really should be carefully handled, specially when gluing towards the in and out of of your created card. Do not overdo and make use of the right amount of glue.

Let everything dry overnight. A padded envelope really should be helpful to avoid crushing your created piece, when you install it in the extra-large zip lock bag for mailing

2. Birthday Bouquet

Doing something fun and interesting together with your children is important with their growth and development years. Based on your child's age along with the materials they can should make use, the actual end result will be really exciting.

Materials needed are: Colorful paper, tape, glue, scissors, and also other types of art materials your child may want to use.

Detailed instructions regarding how to create a birthday greetings card vary, thinking about the age along with the friend you might give it to, however the basic established alike and is applicable to everything.

Roll one of those colorful papers in a cone-shaped piece, which is to be approximately six inches long. Making it look like a flower holder, tape to use backside. Thereon holder, you might write whatever you desire to share with the individual; and given that the medial side is hollow, it'll securely support the stems. Using bright colored papers, you could affix flower heads, even though the holder can be achieved from green paper. Pipe cleaners could also be used for your stems.

It is possible to create flowers while using the materials you've got. Know the dimensions and favorite colour of those you happen to be going to supply the card to, and incorporate it on your creation. Here is the best time and energy to let your youngster be involved in the work, getting his/her ideas regarding color choices and fashions. Children really should be watched over carefully when using scissors.

3. Rubber Stamps

Stamp kits which can be personally created for adults and children are likely to be sold with stuff for scrap booking, or simply plain stamps as well. Search for stamps that contain leaves and flowers.

Materials needed are: stamp pad, a mixture of stamp sizes and shapes, specialty paper or cardstock, glitter, water color.

Fold a piece of specialty/designer paper of your choosing towards the size that you desire. Imagine your birthday greetings and write it inside card and write something clever or lovable for the outside. Then, with all your stamp, trudge the medial side and outside of your card with leaves and flowers.

You can use various water colors to stamp inside other flowers in the event the ink dries up. Colors which have been deeply watered down can have the light source outlook for the card; is actually just less amount of water, colors could well be brighter and vivid. Have fun with your design or analyse if you intend to give attention to a specific manner of application about the color and contrast, moreover , you may do this.

To provide some effect, you possibly can mix in your chosen number of glitter to the leaves and flowers. Let everything dry - overnight, if possible - just before placing your birthday greetings card in a envelope.

B-day Cards
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