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Posted on June 19 2013

All people use different methods to motivate themselves. Some individuals use affirmations, other sorts of peoples use visualization techniques, a lot of people use inspirational books and large volume of peoples read motivational life quotes to motivate themselves.

But do motivational quotes go a long way? Do they really actually help? Yes, they actually help. With my experience, I am able to say they go a long way. They might allow you to get motivated to start something awesome which you won't be in a position to do otherwise.

I still recall the days as i employed to be employed in a small company in accounts department. I became getting salary of INR 8000 PM. It turned out the worst job I have ever done. I used to be interested in starting my own web development business but my fear of failure stopping me from doing so.

I was afraid what can happen if I failed. I don't have courage end my Nine in order to 5 job and commence my own , personal business. On the other hand 1 day, I stumbled upon a great motivational quote while browsing the net. The quote was such as this.

An individual that fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the possibility to smartly begin again. ---Henry Ford

This quote has changed playing forever. While i see this quote first-time, I realized that I am limiting my activities. I am wasting my entire life even if of nervous about failure. This quote has shaken me to the core. This quote has motivated me to take action.

And that i took action. I resigned from my job and started my personal web development business. Today, after a couple of years of leaving my job, We are doing great within my business. We are earning good cost i always can never even imagine in my job. And all of the financial lending goes toward that motivational quote that has motivated me act towards my goals. I wouldn't be competent to start my personal business ever if I don't resonate a great quote.

So yes, motivational quotes do really work. They enhance your motivation and call to mind your goals and aspiration. They help you eliminate self-destroying and negative thoughts through your mind which in turn forces you to those you generally thought about being.

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